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How you can become the IJC member

(russian version)

Our Internet-Club (ijc.ru, www.yafa.ru) will welcome anyone who is interested in its activity. We want every visitor to realize his interests with the help of our Club. The bunch of visitors forms a new community of people - the virtual community that is united round the goals and tasks of the Club by joint interests and the services they present. To get a more detailed information about the Virtual Jewish Russian-Speaking Community you can find out in the unit "Conception", connecting to: https://ijc.ru/whats_e.html.

As to its legal form the Club is a Non-Profit - Marketing Partnership (NP) "INTER JEWISH CLUB"). To those who are interested in our activity we offer to become the active participant (members) of the Club, this concerns the individuals and the legal entities. You can register in our Club by choosing one of the categories: the actual member (AM) or the correspondent-member (CM). The actual members are also the Directory Council members.

The Club members support its tasks and his main humanitarian idea- the creation of a new community - the Virtual Jewish Russian-Speaking Community by their actions. The form of this participation depends on your choice. This can be: financial or organizational support, intellectual contributions (ideas on the project development, the materials), the supply of visitors and many other things.

If you wish to become a Club member you may send your application to . After this the "Inter Jewish Club" authority will connect with each person and decide all the formalities.

Non-Profit-Marketing Partnership "Inter Jewish Club"

Magistratskaya, 11
Nizhniy Novgorod

+7 8312 336472
+7 8312 342217
+7 8312 334752

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