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(russian version)

IJC is a club that consists of the participants (individuals and legal entities). They are united by a joint attitude towards Club's aims, tasks and activities. They can communicate with each other through the Internet-technologies.

The aim of IJC creation

The aim of IJC creation is to supply all Jews in Diaspora and in Israel with the true, full and diverse information on the Jewish topics. And also to offer people a wide range of services responding to their demands.
Our first step is to make the Russian version of the site, and later on we are planning to have English and Hebrew versions.

Our Tasks and Activities

Our tasks and activities are the following:
- To prepare various information on Jewish topics and to publish it in the Internet;
- To systematize the Internet-resources on the Jewish themes;
- To grant people the possibility of communication: virtual, using the Internet-technologies, and the real one;
- To organize the real clubs for every one, taking into consideration his/her interests, and make the clubs function. The clubs are connected with each other through the Internet;
- To offer people a wide range of every-day services;
- To use the Internet - technologies for joint commercial operations and the access to high-effective business - services;
- To fulfill charity activities that are in accordance with the "tsdoka" laws and the original attitude to fund-raising.

The Club's Site

The site ijc.ru is the main thing that connects the Club with the outer world and its members. It is the so-called "instrument" for the Club aims and tasks realization, and that is why it was thoroughly worked out; all up-to-day technologies were taken into account. The Site visitor can find useful information for him/her, the means of connection, means of demanding services. While creating this Site our main goal was to make the visitor feel the warmness of the national originality, to make him communicate with his friends and colleagues. The Club, in its turn, should take care of any visitor.

The IJC Units (structure of the IJC)

Roughly, there are six units in the IJC structure. Each unit fulfills the certain demands of the Club visitors:
   Info-analytical agency
   Business World
   Service Agency
   Rest and Leisure
   Our club.

In this unit the information concerning the Jewish themes is published. Here we write about the diversity of the Jewish people life itself (Judaism, Jewish education, Jewish philosophy, Jewish self-consciousness, Jewish traditions, culture, etc). We publish some facts from the history and the present days of the Diaspora and the State of Israel, original materials and the latest news. All the subunits of the Internet - journal are made for the personality, the spiritual needs of a person:
The background - investigation into the history and appearance of this or that community - a kind of an inlaid picture that represents the life story of the Jewish people all over the world.
The spiritual side - the compositions of the authors who think about the spiritual level of the Jewish people; the authorized interpreters of the Jewish holy books that prove the Jewish spirituality.
Chosen by God - here we write about the special role of Jews, its mission, and the ways this mission was carried out in past and is being carried out now.
The Land of Promise - about the history of the State of Israel, its people, culture and the problems of the haliya.
613 mitzvoth - 613 commandments of the Judaism: the positive ones (the precepts) and the negative ones (the interdictions). They state the duties of every person: the attitude to the God, his/her fellowman and him/herself.
The time of ordeal - the materials about the history of appearance and development of the world anti-Semitism. You will also find interesting information about the Jewish massacres, starting from the times of the Ancient Persia till the present days, some facts of the Jews participation in the Nazism struggle, the historical evidence of the horrible Holocaust years.
ПThe Personalities - a whole bunch of the articles, essays, reflections and other compositions that is very interesting, and not only for their authors. This subunit, in its turn, is divided into three smaller subunits:
      I am a Jew - the articles about the famous Jewish people.
      The life of the outstanding Jews - the biographies and life stories of the outstanding Jews.
      For them to remember - the stories about the deceased fellowmen who left the step in our memory.
The bookshelf - the advertisements of the new books on the Jewish topics.
The Jewish triangle - the ironical review, the look at the world from the point of view of three geopolitical whales: Russia, Israel and the USA.
A man and a woman - the articles of the contemporary psychologists, philosophers, religious men who survey the psychological problems, sexual and social relationships between a man and a woman.
Our Calendar - publications that conform to the dates and months of the national Jewish holidays, according to the Holy Book.

Info-analytical Agency
Info-analytical agency represents different Mass Media services (monitoring, analytical inquiries, and a wide range of information). It consists of eight smaller subunits:
The Chronicle of Events - the general informational survey of the most important events that take place in Israel and in Diaspora.
The Press - here you can get acquainted with the monitoring of the most interesting publications on the Jewish topics. Each material has the reference to an electronic or a printed source.
The Community Life - this subunit reflects all the variety of the Jewish community life: the communities of the former Soviet Union and abroad. This unit is based on a large net of the special correspondents.
The Editor` Column - the interactive part of the Agency that connects the editor and the visitors with the help of inquests and forums. As a result, we can understand the tendencies of the people` opinion better. Besides, it will help the editors` to form their own point of view on different topics.
Our role in the politics - in this subunit the participation of Jews in the social and political life (on the local level and in the whole world) is described.
Our dossier - various information in the form of separate analytical blocks (personalities, the event analysis, glossary).
Foto-archieves the photographs of the events, sketches, the portraits of the political leaders are kept here.
The Digest - the digest of the Jewish Russian-speaking sites. The goal of this subunit is to create the joint informational field round the events that take part all over the world and concern the life of the Jewish Russian-speaking audience.

Internet-resources of the Jewish themes belonging to the Jewish organizations and the Jews. The information about the Jewish organizations is granted in the Internet-lotion. This is a sort of net guide with the help of which the user can get the access to all the information he is interested in.

Business World
This is the business constituent of the Club. The IJC members should organize the joint commercial, financial and other types of business operations, trade places (trade, investment and high technologies). The activity should not be restricted only by this.
The trade place
Investment place
The place of high technologies
Business services can be ordered as the services corresponding to the bargains that are concluded on the "places" of the Club, and as the independent ones. You can order the consulting, marketing services, ensuring services, juridical help while making the deals, business-security, the project expertise, transportation services and expedition, business-partner search (in any region, including the organization of the presentations, receptions representation services: escort services, for example). You can also get credits, financial guarantees for the deals you are concluding (financial support) and other services.
Business News
Quotations and rates
Internet - Resources
Business Dossier .

Services Agency
In this unit you can order some of the every-day services. These services may be of different kind.
Charity activity - оthe main goals of this subunit are: elevation of material means that are directed to the charity programs, rising of their usage efficiency. The stated tasks can be fulfilled through the Internet and also with the help of a special attitude of the organization towards the fundraising (for charity activities among the Jewish communities).
The life path a special subunit that contents information that may help you in making a very important decision while changing your life:
The Club offers a wide range of every-day services:
People Search
Remember the deceased
Job search
The gift
Products` delivery
Home expert
Lawyer's services
For this program be realized the Jewish communities should create the commercial structures that were already accreditated in our Club. They should fulfill the stated jobs.

Rest and Leisure
The world of intellectual and every-day entertainments, advises, tests, horoscopes, music, games and the stuff.
Jewish mother
Jewish theatre
On-line games
Shpil, balalayka
Home alone
The virtual novel

Our Club
With the help of this unit the Club's activities are fulfilled. It contents information for the Club's participants: for the common visitors and for those who wish to take part in the Club's activities. Here you will find the Club's Conception, some information about the accepting to the Club.
The Informational board is also here (I've got something to tell); the Club participants can use it. We also have the Guest Book; the visitors can leave their ideas, prepositions for the Club work improvement.
One of the main tasks that the Club performs is granting people with the mechanisms of communication. Two forms of communication are used here: the virtual one (when the interlocutors are geographically separated) and the real one (the real communication itself). The Club represents the following forms of communication: chat, forum, conference.
The Club aims at the elevation of the live communication level through the creation, supporting (from the organizational, informational and technological points of view) of the real Clubs The real Clubs of this kind are organized in different Jewish communities, their participants are united by joint interests. The Clubs have the necessary technologies and are connected to the Internet. As a result, they get access to the Site Ijc. Thus, apart the live communication, the participants are offered the possibility to use the information and the communication server IJC. The real communication of the Club members is performed at its different open and close parties.

The Club's participants and their status.

The Club is open for every one who is interested in its activities. It takes care of its visitors who wish to find here the communication and help. The Club members are granted the different status, depending on the …. Of participation in the Club's life.
The visitor (V)
The author (A)
The collective member (CM)]
The associated member (AM) and
The actual member (AM).
The visitor is given an opportunity to get acquainted with any information that the Internet-journal contents, to use the Internet-lotion. He can also use the chat, the resources of the business-places, order the business and every-day services.
The visitor is granted the "Author" status if he gives the Club all the necessary information. We will publish his materials in the Internet-journal. He is also offered the possibility to take part in the "virtual"conferences holding by the Club, and the open activities of the Club (the real communication.
The collective member is a group of people united by joint interests towards the informational and charitable constituents of the Club activities, usage of a wide range of means of communication. Jewish organizations, charitable funds in ant region of Russia can become the collective members. Beside all stated above the collective member has an access to all forms and means of communication in the Club, including the participation in the TV-bridges and in the close activities (the unions of the Club members, for example).
The associated Club member has an access to all the content of the Internet-journal, the Internet-lotion opportunities, the means of the "virtual" and the "real" communication. A very important peculiarity of the AM is his participation in the service fulfillment (from the "Service Agency"). He can also be a commercial representative of the Club in a certain region and attract other commercial structures (that were already accreditated in the Club) for the service fulfillment. AM has a real possibility to place an advertisement to the server and to have a reference to their Web-resources.
The actual member also uses all the opportunities that the Club offers. He is granted the whole bundle of the advertising services offered by the Club. The AcM enjoys all the services for the Associated member and besides he/she has the right to take part in the realization of the special business-services, he can attract other authorized commercial organizations as the Club's representatives.


The real situation is the following: there is the State of Israel and there is the Jewish Diaspora all over the world. The main historical and religious task of the Judaism was and will be the task of joining of all the Jewish people. Today this problem should be solved with the help of the up-to-day means of communication. The interests of the whole nation and every Jew as an individuality should be taken into account.
The IJC conception allows moving forward, using the achievments of the modern science and technique and taking only the best things out of everything that has been already made. The Club will gladly cooperate with any structures that have some experience in this field (Jewish topics). We are ready to any sort of exchange of materials, technical and organizational facilities with our partners.
We want to underline that the Club` activities are aimed at satisfying the demands of many people who represent the Jewish communities. This task is the most important one especially for those who think of the "Israeli children".
Thus, our chief goal is to unite all Jewish people in different countries, give them possibility to communicate, fulfill their needs in getting different kind of information. We invite you to participate in the Club`s activity, by this you will help to unite all the Jewish people, the nation chosen by God.

Lomir Ale Ineynem!

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